Achieving the Dream Through Education

Founded in 2018, Achieving the Dream Through Education is a registered charitable organization supporting youth and children from the Matawa First Nations. The organization works to preserve cultural traditions through land-based and culturally connected programming. Providing mental health support and resources that help address challenges and barriers Indigenous youth face while promoting overall well-being. Also, the organization provides opportunities to support Indigenous youth embarking on their educational journey through scholarships, bursaries, and awards.

Achieving the Dream Through Education believes access to quality education is a fundamental right for all Canadians. We believe supporting Indigenous youth in their education will help empower them to lead successful lives. Education provides opportunities for personal growth, career development, and better economic prospects. Strong and empowered Indigenous youth contribute to their communities’ overall strength and resilience.

Indigenous youth are the future leaders of their communities and Canada. By investing in their education, leadership skills, and well-being, we contribute to developing capable leaders who can advocate for their communities and work toward positive change.

Indigenous Youth Need Your Support!

Providing indigenous youth with financial assistance to access their dream through education.

Achieving the Dream Through Education Charity understands success is not defined by academic achievement, rather by personal growth and development. With a holistic, child-centred approach, Achieving the Dream Through Education provides Matawa youth and children with unique opportunities that bridge the gap for them to achieve their biggest dreams. Scholarships, bursaries, and awards have been created with the goal of supporting Matawa youth as they navigate their path through elementary school, secondary school, and beyond.


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When you donate, you are giving more than money. You are providing Matawa youth with the means to realize their full potential and empower them to make life-changing choices that impact them and their community. By creating a bursary, you are offering them access to post-secondary education; when you support a fund, these dollars enhance their learning opportunities. When you provide resources for clothing, computers, sports equipment and art supplies, you are making a difference one student at a time!

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